I love LOVE love recycling… I am seriously obsessed with thinking what to do with things I don’t need any more. I allways think twice, before I put something away. I’m crazy, I know 😀
Today I want to show you, how I recycled some old jeans. It’s nothing too exciting, but I did it for my mom. She wanted a bag to carry some newspapers and notebooks, when she goes home from work. I tried to include some details from jeans pants – like pockets. I think it came out quite O.K. What do you think??

Here are some pictures, hope you like it! 🙂







17 responses to “RECYCLING OLD JEANS

  1. Hermoso, más que hermoso, una maravilla. Me encanta reciclar por elo meto no tengo máquina, y a mano quedarían muy débiles las costuras del bolso. O si sabes que tíode puntadas debería hacer?. Felicitaciones

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