I am visiting school for Fashion design in Ljubljana. At the end of the school year we always prepare our fashion show, where all the students can show their own designs.
This year we had opportunity to make a fashion show in collaboration with Philips Fashion Week, where all of the established Slovenian designers show their collections every season.
It was such an amazing experience and a lot of hard work. But it was worthed 😉

Since we (students) have only one fashion show in the whole year, we had freedom to design either Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter collection. Most of the students presented F/W collection. But I decided to design a collection for S/S.
Theme of a fashion show was “I remember…”. We had to find a piece of clothing which has an important place in our memory.
I have a younger sister and I remember we both had a lot of identical clothing. I specially remember this blue dress with white flowers. We were so cute in this dress and we looked like twins.

memory fashion dress child

Next step was to find an inspiration which was in the connection with this memorial clothing. I was inspired by 50’s fashion, Dior and other big designers in that period.
We started sketching and drawing different designs and after few months, the collection was done.

Here are my final sketches:

fashion sketch design

And here are final designs presented on a Philips Fashion Week (April 9, 2013)


yellow bow jeans shorts fashionshow

fashion show yellow bow live

yellow bow detail fashion jeans shorts detail fashion


bows pink dress butterfly fashion

pink bows dress fashion live

pink bows dress fashion detail


pink green dress waves fashion show

pink green dress waves fashion live

pink green waves detail


black and white vibration fashion show dress

black white vibration fashion show live

black white vibration details fashion show dress


big black bow dress fashion show

big black bow live fashion show dress

big black bow details dress

All the students presented their collections at the same fashion show, so makeup and hair were the same for everyone. I didn’t like makeup at all, though hair style was O.K. 

I have designed all the clothes, I created patterns by my own and I sewed all the dresses by myself.


3 responses to “FASHION SHOW

  1. I just saw you on Burdastyle. These outfits are gorgeous. I love the way the bows evolve from the main fabric. They look a bit like a design in the Japanese ‘Pattern Magic’ book. Great job!

    • Yes, you guessed it right. I learned this technique from that book, but I took it to the next level (at least I tried to) 😉

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