In this post I want to share with you something special – my mom’s creations 🙂

My mom is, just like me, a very creative person. When she was younger she was creating a lot of different arts. Years moving by, she got a very important job and she didn’t have enough time for her artistic creations. After so many years in a management business she finally felt a need for expressing her art ideas again.

Recently she got the idea to create a clothing for the dog. She likes to knit, so she made a knitted pullover for my cousin’s dog Ty. Although the pullover was too big for him at the time (Ty was 5 months old when the photos were taken) he still looked very cute in it.

To enlarge click on the photo.












We were all so excited, so she made him another one, smaller, so Ty could fit in it.

DSCN0543 DSCN0546














Because I don’t know how to knit, but I know how to sew, I decided to try and make a coat for him. It looks great on Ty.

ipp ipp ipp
















And then my mom made a pink crochet dress. Of course that one was not for Ty, but for another dog. I tried it on my cat Piki (because at the time Ty wasn’t around) and I have to say that Piki hated it. But it was just for a quick pic 🙂 don’t ever dress a cat, because they hate it. Look how angry he is, hehe 😀

DSCN5309 DSCN5310 DSCN5315






















This is another little dress that I made. It’s for chihuahuas, so I couldn’t try it on Ty, because he is too big. So I had to torture Piki again….but it was just for a minute 😉 he looks terrible in that dress though. Haha. Although I think for a little dog would be perfect.

























This dress it’s crochet by my mom. It’s a girly dress, so it’s not for Ty, but he looks cute in it anyway, right? Haha 🙂

ipp ipp
























And last but not least…sweet little crochet dress made by my mom. Sadly it’s too small to fit any of my pets, so I can’t show you how it looks on the body. But I bet it looks super cute 🙂

ipp ipp

















What do you think? Do you like the first few dresses that we’ve made? What do you think about dressing up the dogs?  Do you approve it or disapprove it? Tell me your oppinion. 🙂


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