Here I am again with a special post 🙂 Today I would like to share with you my sister’s creations.

My sister was never interested in the art too much. She preferred jumping around, climbing on the trees and stuff like that.

Few months ago something popped in her head and she started learning by herself how to crochet. First few products that she made were not that good (obviously), but with some practise she started creating beautiful collars for the dogs.

In folowing picture you can see first four collars that she made.
Click on the photo to enlarge.

First few collars

I posted that picture on my facebook page and after a week I’ve got a message from a company that sells things for pets. They asked me if I am willing to make few collars so they can sell them in their brand new store for pets.

I was very happy for the news and my sister was happy too. She started crocheting the collars one after another and soon she created a beautiful collection that you can check out on the following image. Click on the photo to enlarge.

Collection of the collars for a brand new shop

Oh, and she also made a toy for the dogs. This beautiful crochet bone.

Crochet bone - toy for dogs

Since I have an embroidery machine I created a collar with a dog name.

Collar with dog's name

Bone, blue, pink and mlticolor collars

And then she created few collars for another shop, here in my hometown 🙂

The collar "Bony"

"Bony" close up



The collar "Oli"

"Oli" close up



The collar "Pure 1"

The collar "Pure 2"



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